Welcome to North Park. The studio by the park, near the river, just minutes from Philadelphia. Easy to access. Simple to find. Plenty of parking.

All good. But not enough without an experienced and talented team that knows how to achieve your image goals. Efficiently. Painlessly. Brilliantly.

We do. Mike Brennan and Todd Linn , North Park's photographers. Years of experience. A support dream team of stylists, consultants and assistants. A well-oiled machine. No egos. No drama. Just results. Satisfied clients. Problems solved.

And it all seems so easy.

  • Over 3500 square feet

  • Two fully equipped kitchens

  • Huge prop room

  • Space to build and work multiple sets



Mike Brennan


Nobody doesn't like Mike. Top candidate for Phone-A-Friend. Over twenty five years photo experience including in-house photography for major international company/conglomerate. Creative solutions. Dazzling lighting. Thinks outside the box. Probably built the box. Prefers the scenic route. He lives in the country with talented wife Brenda. Also horses, dogs and cats. Fallback career--drummer. Is rebuilding his corner of Salem County one project at a time.


Todd Linn


No nonsense. That's his story, and he's sticking to it. Over twenty five years photo experience including pre-press management. Knows how to capture a beautiful image and to see that it translates to print just as beautifully. Problem solver. Think McGyver. With Photoshop. Speaks fluent computer. Travels the shortest distance between two points. Direct. Likes his wife Steph, daughters Anya, Gretchen and local craft beer. Makes a mean chili.


We're involved

because we think it matters.

“I want to thank you for your generosity to The Loaves & Fishes Pantry of St Cecilia Church in Pennsauken. As you know, we serve over 300 families throughout the township along with about 50 families from surrounding areas. With so many people in need, our resources are often drained. Your contributions have a valuable impact on how we meet the needs of our clients. As we had run out of staples, your donation of pasta and sauce, or soups, crackers, etc were somewhat of a miracle, always arriving just as we needed them. We never turn anyone away in need of assistance, but prior to our association with you, there were times when we worried that we may have to close the doors on new clients. It is with the help of you and others like you in the community that we no longer fear this will happen.
Again, thank you North Park Photography Studios for being such an asset to Pennsauken.”

Mary McGinley, Co-ordinator
St Cecila Loaves & Fishes Pantry